Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Press Release: PlanBase Hoshin Software Commercial Release

PlanBase Incorporated is pleased to announce the commercial release of PlanBase Hoshin a web-based software application that supports the productive development and implementation of Hoshin Plans for achieving breakthrough objectives.

"We know that organizational leaders have been looking for a practical means for getting the full benefit of Hoshin Planning while overcoming some of the common difficulties associated with managing the Hoshin planning process itself," said PlanBase SVP, John Hamilton. He added, "PlanBase Hoshin provides that solution."

PlanBase Hoshin adds value by providing users with a clear line of sight from the Hoshin objective down to the lowest level assigned task; it also provides real-time status reports on each strategy and tactic; identifies who is accountable for each strategy and tactic; identifies deviations from the plan, their root causes and corrective actions; and provides a systematic way for assessing progress. "We estimate that the combined benefit of these features is that the overall Hoshin planning process can be administered with 30-50% greater efficiency over current practices" said Hamilton.

Other benefits include having data for continually improving the process; enriching the catchball process (back-and-forth interactive planning/brainstorming); building commitment as everyone involved with the plan can see how his or her role supports the overall objective; and identifying potential non-value added subtasks which can be eliminated and resources redirected to work more closely aligned with the overall objective.

"We believe that Hoshin Planning is poised for a surge of interest due, in part, to the influence that Toyota, Bank of America, Hewlett-Packard, and other organizations have on the general business community," said Hamilton. "We expect that PlanBase Hoshin will play an important role in helping organizations during this period of accelerated interest in Hoshin Planning," he added.

The PlanBase web site (including a contact form) is planbase.com