Friday, March 6, 2015

Company-Wide Plan Visibility


Scorecards have always offered company-wide visibility, but now you can make company-visible plans too!  Instead of manually giving everyone view access to a plan, just set the Default Visibility from "Confidential" to "Company-Wide" and every PlanBase user at your company will be able to see it!.

New visibility icons appear in the upper-right of every Plan (and Scorecard) page, reminding you of who can see your data.

Company-Internal:    Confidential:


Plan Review View now provides a show cumulative link in the gray top navigation which displays QTD and YTD information for scorecard metrics, just like on the Process Review screen.  During a review, when you ask, "I see how we're doing this month, but how are we doing for the quarter/year?" the answer is a single click away!

The Entities view screen now shows just the top 2 levels of entities by default.  The Display Depth drop down makes this screen show as many levels as you like.  Like other screens with a single drop down, pressing the up and down keys scrolls the drop-down and the screen refreshes automatically.


For improved security, you can now monitor your active sessions and close any that you may have left open by accident.  From the My Account screen, click on the blue Active Sessions link in the gray top-bar navigation.  This is a great way to clean up an old "keep me signed in" session you may have forgotten about, even (or especially) if you opened that session on a phone or computer you no longer have access to.  If you used the same password on your PlanBase account as another account that was hacked, this screen also provides a great way to check that no unauthorized sessions have been started, or close any that have!