Sunday, December 7, 2014

Tactic Date Picker and Multi-Tag Reports

Intuitive, pop-up calendar controls make setting tactic start and end dates as easy as possible.

Using the new pop-up datepicker to enter tactic start/end dates
New Tactic Date Picker

Also, you can now report on combinations of tags.  You can still click on any item to see everything with that one tag, but now you can also check the box next to multiple tags to report on them together.
Selecting multiple tags for reporting
Selecting multiple tags for reporting

Combine tags using AND to report on items that are tagged with all the selected tags. Selecting OR will generate a report of items that have any one of the selected tags.  See last month's post on Tagging Tactics and Metrics for details about this new, powerful reporting feature.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Tagging Tactics and Metrics

Tag your favorite strategies, tactics, and metrics to make them easier to search for, or to group them for reporting.

This report can show 15 months of numeric data for metrics, or it can show spark charts.

Other reports in the system are aligned by person, by plan, or by process.  This new tag report lets you identify similarities and pick items from all your data to report on.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Plan Status Comments

Run your strategy reviews live from our Plan Status screen

New Comments checkbox on the Plan Status screen shows the Reason for Difference comments.  Now you don't even have to click to drill down.  This is much more efficient than having each participant prepare a slide deck for your monthly review meeting.

Also in this release:
  • Improved Sign In screen.
  • The term "Ad Hoc Metric" can now be customized to be "Short Term Metric," "Simple Metric," or match whatever term your organization is already used to.
  • Added three new columns to the Plan CSV download to make the download and upload match exactly.  New columns are: Type (Indicates whether this row is an objective/strategy or a tactic), Tactic Start Date, and Tactic End Date.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Metric Review PDF Report

Release 2014-08-27:

It's never been easier to make metrics and action items accessible to associates without computers!
Metric report printed and on the wall, with space to write in corrective actions.
  • Download a review report for a single metric from the Process Review screen.
  • Put the print-out on the wall, or in the mail, to bring the visibility and accountability of PlanBase to associates who do not have computers.
  • PDF format ensures maximum printer compatibility and minimum hassle.
  • Includes a full-width graph and space to write in extra corrective actions.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Multiple Plan Status Filters

Release 2014-07-03:

Say goodbye to pivot tables...

Filtered Strategic Plan Status
Filtered Strategic Plan Status

Have you ever wanted to select only improvement priorities that are off track and getting worse? How about those that are either ahead of plan, on track, or getting better? Now you can easily mix and match selection criteria to better analyze your plans with multiple simultaneous filters!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Release 2014-06-22: Scorecard Permissions

You are now in full control of who can view and edit each entity!
Scorecard Permissions protect against accidental editing and can protect against unauthorized viewing of metric details and tactics. The structure of the entities, functions, and processes are still always visible to everyone, but all metric data, graphs, Pareto charts, and Scorecard-only tactics can be hidden.
You can restrict view access on the top-level entity (and all those below), or leave the upper levels visible company-wide and only limit access to the lower-level entities.

Friday, April 11, 2014

PlanBase Servers Not Affected by Heartbleed Bug

PlanBase investigated the impact of the Heartbleed vulnerability and determined that our servers were not affected at any time. If you use a unique password for your PlanBase account, then no action is required. If you used the same password on any other sites, please change it now.
Please continue to follow good password practices: Use a unique, un-guessable password for each account, store it securely, and never share it with others. PlanBase will never ask for your password for any reason.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Release 2014-03-16: Plan/Project Upload

  • Easily import existing plans/projects from spreadsheets into PlanBase.
  • Perform more complicated copy/change/paste operations with whole plans as well as plan branches.
  • Add an uploaded plan/project as a branch to an existing plan.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Release 2014-01-31: Metric Auto-Roll-Up

Automatically roll-up metric values from contributors to higher-level metrics. Choose from a variety of automatic calculation options: Add, Average (mean), Maximum, or Minimum.

Tactic Start/End Notifications

Subscribe to an email alert for the start and finish dates of any tactic you own by clicking on the little bell icon next to that tactic:

Notifications On:
Notifications Off:

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Release 2013-12-31: Multiple Strategy Tags

Now you can add as many tags as you like to any objective/strategy. As you type a new tag, the system will try to suggest existing tags for you to choose from, but still let you type in a new tag if you wish.


  • A new Tags list screen (available from the green top-navigation) shows all tags in the system and lets you add new ones or modify/delete old ones.
  • Click on any tag to see a report of every item that uses it!
  • Search still includes tags, but now takes you to the Tags list screen.
  • The Plan Status page filters on tags just like it used to, only now you can have more of them!