Monday, January 10, 2011

Release 2011-01-10: Scorecard Metric Subsets

  • Each entity, function, or process owner can now create their own subset of metrics that are most important to them and navigate the Scorecard system showing only that subset. The new Edit Metric Subset screen makes it easy to select your favorite metrics. Any combination of metrics (within an entity) is allowed in a subset.
  • The Heat Map screen now suppresses (or at least dramatically shrinks) columns that have no metrics in them.
  • The old system of calling some metrics Entity KPIs or Function KPIs has been converted to the new system such that all the old Entity KPIs have been moved to the Metric Subset of the entity owner and the Function KPIs have been moved to the Metric Subsets of the function owners. The new system only allows one subset per-person per-entity and generally only entity or function owners can have their own subset.
  • Tip: Inform your direct reports that you will use your subset to review their progress.