Saturday, November 3, 2012

Release 2012-11-03: Longer Sessions

  • A new Keep me logged in checkbox on the Login page allows you to stay logged in on a trusted device for up to 4 months! Make sure to update your links to point to Main.act (with a capital "M") and you may never see the login screen again! Companies may choose to disallow longer sessions, or decrease the maximum session length.
  • The link in the Review Overdue email now goes directly to the My Reviews page where you may already be logged in, thus eliminating the final speed-bump for the most effortless reviews possible.
  • PlanBase does not advertise to its clients, or share client information with advertisers. We have always endeavored to keep email to a minimum, consolidating all status updates into the maximum of one email per day. But for users who do not want any email, they can now turn off their email by editing their account. There is no way to turn off the security notification when someone changes your account password, or to prevent yourself from getting a password-reset email.
  • Any modification to a user's account now takes effect on their very next click. They do not have to log out and log back in again, though the modified user can refresh their screen (by pressing the F5 key) to ensure they are viewing the latest navigation options available to them.
  • Easier date navigation: move backwards and forwards through your history by clicking the tiny blue left and right carets next to the Review Month drop-down in the left-hand navigation.