Friday, September 13, 2013

Release 2013-09-13: Metrics on Plan Status Screen

Metrics can now be displayed on the Plan Status screen.
Check the Show Metrics box and click Apply Settings just like any other report setting.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Release 2013-09-08: Cleaner, Wider, Easier

Our beautiful new design lets your data tell a more engaging story.  Mouse-hover-activated drop-down navigation requires fewer clicks (drop-downs require a click on iPad/iPhone).  Together, this means more room for your data and an over-all snappier look and feel.

  • The expanded Home Page shows your responsibilities and messages.  Messages are prioritized and displayed according to the following rules:
    • Items sent from individuals who are waiting for you to act on them (awaiting approval, etc.) are moved to the top.
    • Notifications from individuals (new ownership, approved items, etc.) come next with an instant-dismiss option.
    • Review Overdue notifications are no longer shown on your Home page because your Responsibilities section provides this information in a more effective format.
    • Other notifications (missing owners, new releases, and new user tips) show up at the bottom of the screen with a bulk-delete option.

Other Improvements

  • Application Managers can now move metrics.
  • Hoshin and Scorecard are more tightly integrated.
  • Videos are now integrated with the context-sensitive help for many screens.
  • Bookmark any page!
  • Administrators will appreciate the new indication on the Users list screen showing which users have chosen "Keep me logged in."
  • There is a new "Show Metrics" option in the gray top-navigation bar on the Plan Status screen.