Thursday, September 12, 2013

Release 2013-09-08: Cleaner, Wider, Easier

Our beautiful new design lets your data tell a more engaging story.  Mouse-hover-activated drop-down navigation requires fewer clicks (drop-downs require a click on iPad/iPhone).  Together, this means more room for your data and an over-all snappier look and feel.

  • The expanded Home Page shows your responsibilities and messages.  Messages are prioritized and displayed according to the following rules:
    • Items sent from individuals who are waiting for you to act on them (awaiting approval, etc.) are moved to the top.
    • Notifications from individuals (new ownership, approved items, etc.) come next with an instant-dismiss option.
    • Review Overdue notifications are no longer shown on your Home page because your Responsibilities section provides this information in a more effective format.
    • Other notifications (missing owners, new releases, and new user tips) show up at the bottom of the screen with a bulk-delete option.

Other Improvements

  • Application Managers can now move metrics.
  • Hoshin and Scorecard are more tightly integrated.
  • Videos are now integrated with the context-sensitive help for many screens.
  • Bookmark any page!
  • Administrators will appreciate the new indication on the Users list screen showing which users have chosen "Keep me logged in."
  • There is a new "Show Metrics" option in the gray top-navigation bar on the Plan Status screen.

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