Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Hoshin Kanri in the News This Week

We found 2 new articles of note on Hoshin Planning in the past few days:

Industry Week:
"Called hoshin kanri (or hoshin planning), the management system... helps Toyota remain competitive year after year by keeping the entire organization's eyes and actions focused on achieving the same goals." Full Story...

"The Hoshin objective is an annual 'stretch' goal that, when achieved, will have a significant impact on the business situation that was identified in the annual state of the business review." Full Story...

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Press Release: PlanBase Hoshin "Responsibilities" Release Links to Any Document

PlanBase Inc. released a new version of its PlanBase Hoshin web-based planning software that allows it to link to any document accessible from the web.

If it can be scanned, photographed or typed, it can be linked to PlanBase Hoshin. PlanBase announced today that this new functionality is designed to support links to A3 charts, graphs, web sites, or other supporting materials. "It's another way PlanBase Hoshin fits into an organization's existing infrastructure" says Executive Vice President, John Hamilton.

Also in this release is a "Responsibilities" screen that shows each user all of the objectives, strategies, and tactics that they are responsible for and the status of each. The screen can be printed or sent for ease of documentation and review.