Saturday, October 17, 2009

Scorecard Metrics on Hoshin

If you are a PlanBase Hoshin and PlanBase Scorecard user, you can now attach Scorecard metrics to Hoshin objectives and strategies. You can still define ad-hoc Hoshin metrics on-the-fly, but it's much easier to grab an existing metric from Scorecard and leverage the data already being tracked in the system.

Also, the Process Review screen has been redesigned so that metric-specific process improvements are shown next to their metric. General process improvements display at the top of the screen.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

New Scorecard Features: Batch Data Load and Heat Map

Batch Data Load Screen

You can only access this screen if you have batch-data-load privilege, but you don't need the privilege to benefit from it! It allows someone (or a program) to automatically upload actuals and targets for multiple metrics at once. This is particularly useful when that data is provided by another system, but it can also be used to limit people's ability to enter data.

If you are an administrator with batch-data-load privilege, you can find the new screen in the left-hand navigation pane. It's designed for uploading a Tab-Delimited Text file (.txt) from a spreadsheet or other source. It is similar to the Metric Load screen but it allows loading multiple metrics at once. Before loading any metrics with this screen, you need to set those metrics up to be batch loaded. See the on-line help for full details.

Heat Map Screen

The Heat Map is a graphical representation of the current month's progress by metric vs. business unit. It shows all the key metrics across a BU, or function and highlights:
  • How each business units is performing across multiple metrics
  • Which metrics are challenging the most business units
  • If any key reviews for this period are missing

Instances of a Metric Type Screen

This screen shows every instance where a metric type is used and lets you check across-the-board performance. It is also useful for managing metric types and for investigations related to batch data loading. It displays the review status, trend, and concern for each metric.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

PlanBase Rolls Out Enhanced Communications Features in PlanBase Hoshin Upgrade

Andover, MA  June 8, 2009 – PlanBase, a leading creator of web-based Hoshin Planning software, today announced an upgrade to its PlanBase Hoshin software, including new communications and coaching features designed to increase users' engagement with the planning tools, and collaboration with one another, for improved results.

PlanBase Hoshin: New Features Enhance User Engagement and Collaboration

The latest version of PlanBase Hoshin includes several new features designed to increase users' engagement in the planning process through personalized communication and coaching. A new, built-in notification system allows users to receive messages on the Home Page, specific to their role in the planning process, such as reminders to take certain actions for which they are responsible. Many messages will delete themselves when the required action is taken, but any one may be deleted manually. The in-system messages will be augmented by email reminders when certain actions are not taken, or when new messages are present.

In addition, the new release includes features designed to facilitate communication among all participants in the planning process. Known as "Catchball" among Hoshin practitioners, this group dialogue is deemed critical to a plan's success. PlanBase Hoshin will now enable all participants charged with executing a plan to be engaged in top down and bottom up communication aimed at continuously refining and improving their plans, even if they are in different locations.
For more information about the latest release of PlanBase Hoshin, visit

PlanBase's web-based Business System management software take the pain out of the strategic planning process by allowing real time, enterprise-wide collaboration on strategy deployment and process management. PlanBase Hoshin brings speed to strategy deployment, accountability to strategy execution, and visibility to progress. PlanBase Scorecard brings measurement to key metrics, continuous improvement to the collection of processes that define how value is created, and transparency to results. In organizations large and small, PlanBase solutions foster increased awareness, motivation, alignment, and success.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

PlanBase Scorecard

Manage processes and KPIs with ease in PlanBase Scorecard. It shares a single-sign-on with PlanBase Hoshin and is just as easy to use. The new Scorecard system:
  • Supports using the same definitions for metrics (measurements) across an organization
  • Provides a rolling 15-month view of process performance
  • Charts actual performance relative to target
  • Shows different views of the organization: by business, function, process, or metric.
  • Encourages process improvements that specify who, what, and when

Please contact your account manager for a demo.