Wednesday, January 9, 2008

"Spreadsheet Download" Release provides an Excel® report, email links, and more...

What's new in this release?

Responsibilities Screen:
View every objective, strategy, and tactic that you own, and every plan that you are authorized to view.

Document Links:
Link to scorecards, A3 charts, websites, spreadsheets, or any document available on your network.

All Plans Status:
Together in one place, read the top level objectives for every plan you are authorized to view.

Email Links:
Hover your mouse over the icon next to a user's name, and an email link will appear, as well as a phone number.

Download to Excel®:
Create an Excel Spreadsheet with columns such as Plan Creation Status, Review Status, Owners, or other data from your plan.

About PlanBase Hoshin

PlanBase Hoshin is an easy to use, highly secure, web-based planning tool that provides a clear line of sight from the highest objective to the lowest assigned task or tactic.  Presentation-ready status reports present your progress
in a clean, professional format that can be printed or shared online.  Drill down into any part of a plan to discover root causes and formulate corrective actions.

Using PlanBase Hoshin helps organizations to easily and clearly communicate the strategic plan elements to those who need to know.  It increases accountability but it also increases visibility and provides opportunities to recognize outstanding plan participants.  All of which will increase commitment and motivation in your teams.

The PlanBase web site (including a contact form) is

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