Friday, November 21, 2008

PlanBase Hoshin Now Supports Multi-Year Plans

A new version of PlanBase Hoshin, released today, adds full support for multi-year plans. Existing plans can be extended to cover multiple years.

For enhanced security, we can now limit all logins to a single IP address. If your firewall/proxy gives all outgoing requests the same return IP address, this can be used to prevent people from accessing PlanBase Hoshin from anywhere but work (or signed into their work network using a VPN). Let us know if you would like us to enable this option for your organization.

We added two new columns to the CSV download for a more fine-grained view of how "healthy" the plan is. They tell you whether each objective/strategy has metrics and if each metric has a target or an actual value for the current period.

The system now checks that you have JavaScript™ and cookies enabled before allowing you to log in.

JavaScript is a trademark of Sun Microsystems.

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