Friday, December 6, 2013

Release 2013-12-06: Search

  • Now find anything in the system instantly with the new Search box in the upper right hand corner of every screen.
    Just start typing and search results will appear. Hover over a search result for a description. Click on a result to navigate to it.
  • In addition to being calculated by the system, Scorecard Metrics can now have Quarter-to-date and Year-to-date values entered manually.
  • The Business Unit CSV download now includes 2 new columns. The Cumulative? column indicates whether QTD/YTD values are Not Cumulative, User-Entered, or System-Calculated. The Load? column indicates whether the metric is Manual, Batch-Loaded, or Financial (which is also batch-loaded).
  • New screens: Instances of a Function Type and Instances of a Process Type provide additional perspectives on your Scorecards. Look for the little blue view instances link on the Function Types and Process Types list screens (and in search results).
  • Pareto charts and Variance Analyses can now be displayed separately on the Process Review screen.

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